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:iconbody-inflation: :iconinflation-force: :iconinflationlovers:


Commission Price List for 2015 and info :

(approximate price range in euros and US dollars, note me or email me for exact quotes).


E-mail :


Body inflation (female, male) :

(Hose or no hose inflation - via mouth, nipples, cock, butt, vagina, navel, etc).
Cheeky at the Party by HellResident-Infl8 Maya and the vacuum cleaner by HellResident-Infl8 Inflating Load by HellResident-Infl8 Bimbo-flation by HellResident-Infl8

- Hourglass shapes (boobs, thighs/ass, cheeks) : 17 - 20 euros / 20 - 23.5 usd.

- Extreme sized hourglass shapes : 18 - 24 euros / 21 - 28 usd.

- Extreme spherical shapes : 18 - 23 euros / 21 - 27 usd.

- Partial inflations : 16 - 25 euros / 19 - 29.5 usd.

(boobs, lips, cheeks, head, genitals, butts, bellies, feet/hands, etc.)

- Liquid inflation : 17 - 24 euros / 20 - 28 usd.

- Blueberry inflation : 19 - 25 euros / 22 - 29.5 usd.

+ more, you name it...



Balloon transformation (female, male) :

Lindsay the blowup doll by HellResident-Infl8 Jane gets Pooltoyed  The sequel by HellResident-Infl8 Evelyn the Punching Doll by HellResident-Infl8 Balloon Animal Donna by HellResident-Infl8

- Balloon animal shapes : 20 - 25 euros / 23.5 - 29.5 usd.

- Round balloon shapes : 16 - 22 euros / 19 - 26 usd.

- Balled up shapes : 16 - 22 euros / 19 - 26 usd.

- Pool toys of all shapes : 22 - 27 euros / 26 - 31.5 usd.

- Sex-doll shapes : 17 - 22 euros / 20 - 26 usd.

+ more, you name it...



Squishy stuff (female, male) :

Growing Cube Collection by HellResident-Infl8 Daniela the washing machine by HellResident-Infl8 A tight fit by HellResident-Infl8 Laundry time by HellResident-Infl8

- All kind of flattenings : 16 - 25 euros / 19 - 29.5 usd.

(horizontal, vertical, folded in all shapes, flapping limbs, spread out immensly, etc.)

- Partial flattenings : 16 - 23 euros / 19 - 27 usd.

(boobs, limbs, head, genitals, half the body - upper or lower - , etc.)

- Reshaping transformations : 20 - 27 euros / 23.5 - 31.5 usd.

(furniture, toys, appliances, vehicles, various objects, etc.)

- Tightly squished shapes : 20 - 24 euros / 23.5 - 28 usd.

(bottle stuffings, cubings - any size -, any shape/kind of compression, etc.)

+ more, you name it...



Other fetish transformations (female, male) :

Fan pic by HellResident-Infl8 Danae's newfound powers by HellResident-Infl8 3 Girls 1 Ass by HellResident-Infl8 Danae's newfound powers - Part 3 by HellResident-Infl8 

- Giant/Giantess transformation : 16 - 19 euros / 19 - 22 usd.

- Shrinking transformation : 16 - 19 euros / 19 - 22 usd.

- Vore, transfer to body parts through swallowing : 18 - 23 euros / 19 - 27 usd.

- Multi-parts : 16 - 25 euros / 19 - 29.5 usd.

(limbs, boobs, heads, etc.) :

- Conjoinments : 20 - 25 euros / 23.5 - 29.5 usd.

+ more, you name it...



Sequences (female, male) :

Just a boring field trip - Part 1 by HellResident-Infl8 Just a boring field trip - Part 2 by HellResident-Infl8 Just a boring field trip - Part 3 by HellResident-Infl8 Just a boring field trip - Part 4 by HellResident-Infl8

- Sequences are charged according to the kind of transformation involved, the details and the plot.

- Each comic page's price, can vary according to the number of panels consisting it.

- The recommended number of panels in each sequence page could be from 4 to 6, including the layout.

- Each panel will be charged according to the length of the sequence specifically and may vary from 10 to 13 euros / 12 to 15 usd.

- Contact me with details for specific quotes on your potential fetish subject.



NEW! Prose / Stories (female, male) :

Crime and PunishmentApril 25th
There they were again, Justin and Brianna, holding hands, passing in front of the library window fawning over each other like the stars of a really cheesy chick flick. They were always giving such an amazing show for everyone! She was disgusted. Or at least that's what she was trying to convince herself she was feeling... In truth, Tanya's heart was being ripped out of her chest – her painfully flat chest – every time she saw them together. They were a constant reminder of her physical inadequacy, her broomstick-like figure and her inability to dress like a “real” woman and keep a “real” man by her side.
It had all began at a party over three months ago. She was so drunk she couldn't recall most of it but the image of that amazingly tall and muscular black-haired guy piercing her with his intense brown eyes would never leave her mind. She recalls feeling particularly weak when he approached her...
“Hi...”, he sai


- For every approximately 1.000 words, the price ranges according to subject from 8 to 10 euros / 9 to 12 usd.

- Plots and descriptions are flexible and can be targeted towards your requirements.
(meaning from shallow fetish descriptions, to more emotionally based ones. always within the wanted subject).

- Fiction on the subjects include almost all of the above fetishes and more.


*You can combine many of the above (multiple persons/ characters too), use your imagination and contact me.

*Have some other "weird" fetish idea? e-mail/note me over for the exact quotes!

- Paypal payments ONLY.
- All payments are done in the end, after i e-mail you the thumbnails indicating that the work is done.
- All works come along with a generous paragraph, containing details, plot and dialogues, based on your references.
- Paypal transaction fees are added to the final price.
- Prices are approximate, depending on resolution, clothing, existing/ added background and shades, etc.
- These prices apply to one hi-res manipulation only, scroll to the bottom of the list for sequence details.
- Advance payment of 40%, on all commissions over 60 euros / 70 usd.
- Preferable payments in Euros, although i accept US Dollars as well, as in the lists above.



Personal preferences, statements, reccomendations :


I will NOT do anything that refers to realistic conditions of violence or any kind of racism or discrimination.
No actual pain, no blood, no guts, no wounds, no realistic explosions / popings, no veins or fluids popping out... you got the picture i suppose. For me, this whole things is pure cartoonish-gag-based FANTASY fetish imagery and nothing more.

I need to see the person that will get morphed, along with the photo and clothing details as to get to the exact price quote for each morph.
Try to be as much as descriptive in details as possible, when you send me your ideas.

I am handling private morphs, with cautious attention and respect. What comes to stay private, it stays private!
Send me yourself, your sexy friends, girlfriends, wives, admired ones, whatever you name it!
I will study them, we will talk them out and i will morph them, i repeat, in ABSOLUTE privacy.

Try not to send me too heavily patterned/ complex clothes to work on.
I will do it if urgency requires it, though the price will go accordingly.

For those who have their pics shot on purpose for the cause :
Try for the facial expressions to have some signs of distress, joy, excitement, anything rather than apathetic!
(i suppose you understand that when you see a girl with a hose stuffed in her mouth, having her cheeks blown out and forcing air into the rest of her body, the expression cannot be like "Meh, no big deal..." or "It's boring...", huh? although some few things CAN be done with facial morphing too...)

Every woman or man i upload in my gallery, has hers/his facial features and characteristics altered due to privacy reasons.
Exceptions : Celebrities, Models, Actors, etc.


* E-mail :

* DA notes, always welcome.

* This journal will be updated regularly.


Thank you for your feedback and support so far.
Cheers People!


Jan 2015.



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InflatablePiggy128 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, did you have some kind of other site where you posted morphs? I keep finding ones across dA that have your logo that I've never seen, and I wondering they've been coming from some other source...
HellResident-Infl8 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
And no, for the time being my DA account is the only place someone can witness my work.
InflatablePiggy128 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Ok, thanks for letting me know :)
HellResident-Infl8 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
It's because i choose not to upload all of my commissioned work on MY gallery, that's all.
Commissioners or fetishists who through their relationship shared private works of mine, sure can upload my work on theirs if they fell like it, as long as they give me the credits.
InflatablePiggy128 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Ohhhh, ok, I get it, thanks
HellResident-Infl8 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Sure, np ;)
big-butt-fan Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014
You should inflate meghan trainor. Shes just begging to be inflated.
coldrules Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch!
DickRaymond Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Student Writer
Have you ever tried doing a picture where one girl is blowing into another girl to inflate them? An inflation kiss?
HellResident-Infl8 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, i've tried that ages ago, i may have a retry soon though.
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